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Make the best use of the data and information to be more competitive

Project "TIR Cloud" made use of the open and public information owned by TWAEA to integrate the information through different systems and carry out the value-added analysis according to the institution's needs. The data information is the base of the analyses and hopefully, it can be beneficial to the development of IR. Since the data for the analysis is already open and public, no other information or data is required and the concern of confidentiality is never existed. Through the integration of the open information and development of the information platform, the project can regularly provide the comparative analysis of the institutional statistics and data report. Besides collecting the information and saving the data, the most important thing is that the information can be used more effectively for the release of wider and deeper analysis reports to assist the institutions to be more alert to the problems from mastering the meanings presented by the data.


Seize the initiatives to be 2.0

The ways for the institutions to implement the researches about IR are different due to their diverse needs, the focuses were mostly put on “Collection and Integration of Information” and “Discovery of Problems” at the beginning of the project implementation. The problems and difficulties met by the institutions at the first stage of the project were the expenses on the software for the built up of the platform and the investment on the cultivation and recruitment of the professional staff. Therefore, the publication of the Critical Report from TIR Cloud could provide the institutions the most effective way to come out with the evaluation method to discover the potential issues for further improvements. An immediate attention is demanded to study the meanings represented by the data and make the best use of them when making the institutional decisions. TWAEA hopes to assist the institutions to have a stable and confident development in the field of IR; in the meanwhile, TWAEA also hopes the institutions can break the established practices to have a broader future for sustainable management.