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As the trend of “Big Data” has attracted the attentions from both the industries and technical fields recently, Taiwan’s higher education is also motivated by “Big Data and empirical information to commence the IR for management, especially under the pressures of lacking children, intense competition and globalization. Therefore, the activities related to IR have become very popular in institutions and more and more of them are coming under the promotion by Ministry of Education. However, the access to the external information that are related to IR is not easy to find since the resources are way too broad to collect and it takes time to integrate and analyze the information. Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) has accumulated years of related experiences in understanding the meaning of open information; therefore, many institutions have raised their needs and suggestions about the integration platform of IR to TWAEA for better future development after collecting, integrating and analyzing the information. On seeing this, TWAEA had specially released “Taiwan Institutional Research Cloud (TIR Cloud)” to collect, store and analyze the regular and irregular open information from Ministry of Education, Ministry of the Interior and other governmental organizations. ​