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Start from the quality to have a 5 new IR Systems

As we’re now facing the challenges of having less children, lacking of students, imbalancing of higher education’s supply and demand and insufficient resources for education, we can foresee the difficult environment that’s going to be met by our future higher education. Therefore, TWAEA hopes to assist the institutions to start their IR by the promotion of project “TIR Cloud” to be able to respond to the changing circumstance and have their new directions. Hopefully a new IR system can be developed with new energy, new opportunities, new values, new concepts and new motivation to face the challenges of being sustainable.



​Critical Report for New Opportunities

The present is known by the past experience --- Self-comparison shall be done annually for sustainable improvement. 
Know yourself as well as the enemy --- Comparison shall be done among domestic, benchmarking, peered and controlled institutions to discover their own characteristics.  
Integration Application --- Disclosure of open information and transform it into the one that’s needed by management decision

TWAEA had provided the members of “TIR Cloud” specified “Analysis Report of IR Information” and “Analysis Report of the statistics for Student Recruitment” at the beginning of the project implementation and besides demonstrating the data for the overall situation, the comparison analysis was also carried out for peered, compared and benchmarked institutions. As it has become more and more competitive for student recruitment since 2016, “TIR Cloud” had further planned “Analysis Report of the Department’s Student Recruitment” for the members to realize more about the advantages and limitations to draft better recruitment strategies and institution management. 
Through the repeated practices carried out in 2016, Project "TIR Cloud" plans to reorganize the institutional information and the analysis report of student recruitment to publish a manual for student recruitment. The institution can also redefine his position and find out the advantages at the same time to better develop his characteristics.


Establishment of Investigation Platform for Development of New Value

In order to understand more about the students’ learning outcome and promote the IR related activities smoothly, the implementation of questionnaire is taken by many institutions to realize and analyze the management quality to come out with the best strategy for institution operation and decision-making for better development. Moreover, professional organizations are established for the implementation of the nationwide questionnaires in some countries for the comparisons among institutions and the analysis for benchmarking.  The questionnaires were Cooperative Institutional Research Program, CIRP, National Survey of Student Engagement, NSSE and the surveys of freshmen under the project of Japan Cooperative Institutional Research Program, JCIRP. 
From AIR's 《The Handbook of Institutional Research》(published in 2012), "College Self-Study", "Research Committees/ Bureaus" and "Surveys" are the three key elements in IR. To maximize the advantages come with IR, "TIR Cloud" plans to develop a national questionnaire platform to perfect IR.