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Analysis Report of Institution Information: The Base for IR and Decision-making

Two benchmark/ peer or compared institutions are listed by the institution to customize the analysis report about the statistics of the institutional information. The report includes the statistical table of key elements to be the base for administration planning, strat egy studying and decision making. The analysis report issued in 2017 will be structured by 8 perspectives and the focuses of "Student Size" will be put on the rates of registration and decreased students and the perspective of "Industry- Academic Collaboration" is newly added in the projects proposed to Ministry of Science and Technology and other governmental organizations.


Analysis Report for Recruitment Statistics: The Base for Departments’ Positions and Characteristics

Considering the institutions’ needs to have recruitment strategies and department transformation, the analysis report had specially focused on the statistics’ analysis of the PR Rating of the departments’ entrance scores; moreover, the report also covered the items of recruitment number, recruitment rate, weighted value of appointed subjects and ratio analysis by the study of the distribution of Technological and Vocational College Admission& University Admission. The departments’ positions and characteristics can be regarded as the base for the institution’s planning for a better prospect.


The Handbook for Recruitment Strategies & Principles

The handbook is divided into 5 sections and they are Newly-born population, Overseas Students, Students from Regular High Schools (including academic programs from comprehensive ones), Students from Skill-based High Schools (including professional programs from comprehensive ones) and Students from Junior High Schools. The overall description about the status quo is mentioned to assist the institutions to design their own recruitment strategies under this competitive circumstance.


Analysis Report for the Statistics of College Students’ Investigation

In order to take the responsibility of Social Performance, TWAEA has started to design the questionnaire platform for Project "TIR Cloud". The focuses will start from the investigation of freshmen and college students by implementing the questionnaire about "Learning Process", the themes of the questionnaire shall be put on "Learning Process" and "Learning Planning". 9 perspectives will be further divided and 24 indexes will be developed for it. A free analysis report shall be provided to the members that had joined the questionnaire for Project "TIR Cloud"; besides describing the way of statistics implementation, more comparisons were done among the institutions and grades under the common indexes. Moreover, if the institution join the questionnaire consecutively for two years, the results from two years can be used for further analysis.