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The professional management of IR started from the States and the institutions has faced more and more challenges recently under the effects of having fewer children, depressed economy, harsh competitions and rapid changes. Therefore, the importance of IR has become an inevitable trend in institution management. To assist the domestic institutions to receive the new knowledge about institution management for view widening and concept innovation, “TIR Cloud” plans to widen and deepen the understanding to IR by holding the international visits and hopefully the difficulties in planning and implementing IR can be overcome after the discussions and interactions between the international and domestic institutions.

Date Activity Institutions


【Visit to Japan】
Delegation to Japan for Institution Management & Research

iversity of Tsukuba
University of Tokyo
Waseda University
Taisho University
Kokugakuin University


【Visit to Japan】
Delegation to Kansai for Institution Management & Research

Osaka University
Kindai University
Doshisha University
Kyoto University
Kansai University of International Studies


【Visit to Japan】
Delegation to Tokyo for Institution Management & Research

Kagawa Education Institute of Nutrition
Taisho University
Toyo University
Rissho University