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IR has literally become a global activity and different country is at different stage for his development. Take the States for example, it's at the stage of "Mature IR" with the history of more than fifty years; Japan as "Changing IR" with the experience of several years; and Taiwan at the stage of "New IR" which just started not long ago. All these examples show that the development of IR is still growing and there is still place for improvement. The institutions need to be alert to the changing and complicated environment all the time to fasten and enhance the development and competitiveness. Then, the international cooperations have become inevitable activities.


Besides providing the needed information for cross comparative analysis to the institutions in Taiwan, "TIR Cloud" will look for the opportunities to widen the future for international cooperations, such as the interactions with Association for Institutional Research, European Association for Institutional Research, Southeast Asian Association for Institutional Research, The Universities Institutional Research Consortium, Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association and Australian Association for Institutional Research to build up a network for further analysis and better development of IR in Taiwan. We can then foresee a golden age of our institutional management.